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Specialty Valve Group Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech
enterprise headquartered in the "Hometown of Pumps and Valves in China"

Teji Valve Group is a large valve manufacturer and one of the major suppliers of ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, hydraulic control valves, etc. in China. It has a high reputation and influence in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, construction, heat, water supply and drainage, water treatment and other industries, and has a considerable share in the domestic and foreign markets.

In order to speed up the development of the group, our group invites investment from all over the country, and the elites from all walks of life who have a certain relationship with valve sales are sincerely invited to join you and your team.

Our group will not set up 2 or more sales agencies in the same prefecture-level city to ensure the interests of joining partners. At the same time, our group's agency system is very advantageous, and we will assist our partners with enthusiasm to bring the local market to the market. The share is increased, please call for consultation on the specific agency system and agency area.

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Affiliate Support

We adhere to the work creed of "walking with integrity and doing our best"
to provide a broader development space for your career.

Brand support

  • Provide franchisees with strong brand support for the group's development history
  • 1) Provide franchisees with franchise store brand authorization.
  • 2) Provide various honorary certificates for franchisees.
  • 3) Regional monopoly protection.

training support

  • All-round systematic training before opening has enabled the rapid improvement of professional knowledge, management ability and personnel quality.
  • 1) Sales training on product knowledge, product pricing, contract signing and customer communication and services for marketers.
  • 2) The installation skills, map recognition, maintenance training of the installers, and participation in the actual combat training of the actual installation.

Exhibition hall layout

  • 1) Provide professional store planning for franchisee's exhibition hall and unify VI image.
  • 2) Send a special person to assist and guide the decoration and construction of the exhibition hall.
  • 3) Instructions for the arrangement of samples and utensils.
  • 4) The full-time personnel guide the exhibition hall to complete the construction of the soft environment.
  • 5) Preparation and arrangement of various items, signs, texts, etc. required for operation

Opening support

  • 1) At the beginning of opening, formulate a detailed opening plan with franchisees and assist in organizing opening activities.
  • 2) The headquarters will provide the promotional items used for opening and the promotional items distributed by the event at standard fees.
  • 3) The headquarters provides professional in-store coaching for dealers to assist in the completion of the sales work and team training.

Ad supported

  • 1) Opening publicity: Cooperate with customers to create a momentum for joining, and provide design drafts such as rigid advertisements, soft-text advertisements, news reports, etc., and provide full guidance for franchisees to carry out various forms of media publicity, so as to rapidly increase their popularity during the opening period.
  • 2) Promotional materials: Rich and detailed product promotional materials, expand influence, attract customers, and facilitate successful order contact.