Technical Team

Our company has 42 middle and senior technical personnel, and has two production bases in Zhejiang and Shanghai. With CAD, CAM development design and manufacturing and ERP enterprise resource planning management system.

Our company has strong technical strength in valve research and development, design, technology, etc., and our independent research and development products have won a number of national patents, and we have mastered a number of core technologies in the field of valves.

While creating core technologies, the company also provides more solutions for the entire industry and valve application fields.

Production Team

Our company has 216 production personnel with intermediate and senior technical titles, including 2 process engineers and 3 CNC programmers, and has two production bases in Zhejiang and Shanghai. With Doosan Corporation machining center, CNC machining center, vertical lathe and other high-precision machining equipment, it can fully meet the order requirements.

Our company has strong production strength in valve production, production scheduling, processing technology, etc. Our company has introduced ERP enterprise process management software, real-time tracking of production and processing processes, and timely grasp of production conditions to ensure that orders are delivered on time.

The company masters the core production process, ensures that the production valves meet the standards, and produces products that customers can use with confidence and satisfaction.

Testing Center

Workshop site

We have advanced equipment, strong technical force and perfect modern management system to ensure that the manufacturing quality meets the standard requirements.