The Difference Between The High Platform Ball Valve And Ordinary Ball Valve

The difference between the high platform ball valve and ordinary ball valve.

The high platform ball valve is the ball valve adopts ISO5211 manufacturing standard, to cast a square or round flange and the ball valve are cast as a whole, and the end surface of the platform is higher than the outer edge of the flange at both ends. This not only facilitates the installation of the actuator, but also greatly improves the stability between the valve and the actuator, and the appearance is more beautiful and refined.


The high platform ball valve is an evolution of the conventional ordinary bracket ball valve. The difference between it and the ordinary ball valve is that it can be directly connected to the drive actuator without installing a connecting bracket. For ordinary ball valves, it need to be installed a  connection pad before installing the actuator.

The advantage of the high platform ball valve is that the actuator can be installed on the platform that the valve comes with, so that the valve will not be affected in use due to loose brackets or excessive coupling gaps.

The internal structure and working principle of the high platform ball valve are the same. When the temperature of the medium is relatively high, it is necessary to connect the bracket to protect the normal use of the actuator and prevent the failure of the actuator due to the heat transfer of the medium.