Product Detail

Globe Valve

Cryogenic temperature globe valve with precision machining procedure, excellent sealing and special design

Product Introduction

1.Precision machining procedure, controling the gap of stem and extend bonnet below 1mm, guarantee the smooth turning of stem, and also reduced the possibility of freezing and losing caused by cryogenic service.
2.Lip-seal (Elgiloy+PTFE)
The Lip-seal not only have the flexible compensation function as spring, but also excellent sealing as PTFE. 
Excellent sealing under cryogenic temperature, fire safe design as the secondary sealing of graphite.
3.All the faster are full threaded construction for cryogenic temperature, it is effectively avoid faster long deformation and sealing failed.

Design Feature

Technical Property

1.Stem: double sealing design, the primary sealing is lip seal, secondary sealing is packing, which can reduce the amount of packing usage.
2.Extended bonnet design: the gap between and extention parts is strictly controlled, which reduce the cryogenic service crossing up, avoiding the packing freezing and torque larger to make stem scratched.
3.Self-centering design on gland flange and packing to avoid stress imbalance.
4.By FEA design, best thickness of extended bonnet is calculated, it would guarantee the best cooling effect.
5.The design of drip plate, it firstly enlarged the effective cooling area, avoid the freezing problem of stem and packing dynamic sealing area resulted larger torque; secondly, it effectively stop the condensate water drop into body resulted in body double sealing on connection of body bonnet.
6.The seat hardened to make sure no scratching under cryogenic temperature.
7.There are drainage channel designed on packing postion in extended stem, which effectively stop condensate water flow into packing bore. Four open loop construction.
8.Trim top entry construction for online maintain.
9.Multiple sealing ring for customer’s larger chosen range.
10.Disassembling deputy sealing design, it is complement function under cryogenic, lower leakage, better property.
11.Taper bevel pin fixed between disc and stem, which can avoid anti-turning under differential pressure, occur leakage.

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